Body Mass Index Calculator

Body Mass Index Calculator – Allows you to calculate her Body Mass Index (BMI), a commonly accepted characteristic for obesity based on your body’s weight and height.

Your Body Mass Index is just a rough indication of your body’s health condition and weight proportions. Do not use this value as a sole criterion for choosing your daily diet or excersising.


Calculate Your Body Mass Index

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The Body Mass Index is calculated by putting your body’s height and you weight into relation.

The Body Mass Index is a result of dividing the body weight (kilograms) by the body height squared (meters).

According to the WHO, the result is sorted into these categories:


Body Mass Index Category
< 17 Too low
17–20 Underweight
20–25 Perfect
25–30 Minor obesity
30–35 Unhealthy obesity
35–40 Extremly unhealthy obesity
> 40 Severe adiposotas

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Body Mass Index Calculator
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